To Be Seen


Les gorilles des montagnes
Mountain gorillas

The biggest primates at large as you've ever seen them! You approach them in their natural environment, in the heart of the mountain forest, in Virunga Park, just a few metres away...

Le gorilles des plaines
Lowland gorillas

Eastern lowland gorillas live in the dense forests of Kahuzi Biega National Park and Uganda. Hopefully you will be greeted by the iconic Silverback family for an unforgettable experience.

Le lac de lave du volcan Nyiragongo
Nyiragongo volcano

Climb the slopes of one of the world's most active volcanoes with the breathtaking spectacle of boiling lava magma! Stay on top for a night next to the crater...

Vue panoramique de l'île Tchegera avec lac kivu bleu
By boat to Tchegera Island

This crescent-shaped island in Lake Kivu is both wild and unique. Access by boat to this little corner of paradise...

Couché de soleur sur l'île d'Idgwi
Discovery of Idjwi island

Between Bukavu and Goma, in the middle of Lake Kivu, this authentic and unspoilt island, with its endearing population, offers varied landscapes and is very pleasant to visit by bike or moto-taxi?

Baudouin à cheval dans les Masisi
Horse riding in the Masisi

The” small Switzerland of Kivu”, with its meadows and high plateaus for a sporty escapade on horseback through the steep paths, farms and cultures.

Pêcheries des Wagenia
Wagenia fishermen

The Wagenias fisheries on the Congo River at Kisangani consist of large conical pools fixed by scaffolding in the river's rapids. The agility of the fishermen, a unique spectacle in the world!

Guépard dans la savane des Kundelungu
The Kundelungu savanna

Located 180 km from Lubumbashi, the Kundelungu Park is one of the eight national parks in the DRC. Its ecosystem is of grassy savannah type and is home to a varied fauna. Renowned for its splendid landscapes covered with steppes that look like paradise...

Sapeur Kinoi
Kinshasa Fever

The Society of Ambianceurs and Elegant People (SAPE) is a cultural and social movement that originated in the Congo. Compared to dandyism, its followers practise "sapology", the art of dressing well, typical way of living in Kinshasa: the Kin’s fever!

Burundi 🇧🇮

Bateau sur la Ruzisi, vue de haut
By boat on the Ruzisi

At the edge of Lake Tanganyika, boat trip in the mouth of the Rusizi River among hippos, crocodiles and thousands of birds. Exceptional!

Cycliste sur une piste au Burundi
By bike on the Heha mountain

Just over an hour from Bujumbura, a beautiful cycling route on the slopes of Mount Heha, Burundi's highest point, where you will dominate the entire valley and see the mythical Tanganyika.

Groupe de marcheur dans la brousse, vus de dos
Trekking on Mount Teza

Through the Kibira National Park, beautiful walks through tea plantations and primeval forest. Breathtaking views...

Groupe de tambourinaires en habits colorés traditionnels
The drummers

Demonstration of Burundi's master drummers with their traditional percussion instruments that bring you in a frenetic rhythm to an enchanting trance...

Chutes et grottes de la Kagera
Waterfalls and caves of the Kagera River

Together with the caves, they form a spectacular ensemble of waterfalls and waterfalls 80m high. Ideal excursion in the southeast of Burundi for birdwatchers.

Pyramide de pierre indiquant la source du Nil
The feathers of the Nile

Discovered in 1934, it is the southernmost and highest source of the Nile, located in Gasumo, at 2050 m from the northern flank of Mount Gikizi.

Rwanda 🇷🇼

Vue panoramique du parc national de l'Akagera
Safari in the Akagera National Park

It's hard to find a better safari idea to get to know the Big Five: everything is close by and accessible, nature is of a rare variety and the national park is very well preserved and improved! A must.

Colobe dans un arbre
Nyungwe, on the trail of the primates...

In Nyungwe Forest National Park you can observe the funniest primates: golden monkeys, baboons, colobuses and chimpanzees. Not to mention the 100 species of orchid...

Colobe dans un arbre
Nyungwe and its uncredibles hikes

You will leave in the heart of the primary forest, in a luxuriant vegetation. You will discover an incredibly rich fauna and flora, sometimes above the canopy thanks to long suspended footbridges with a spectacular view above the trees…

Cycliste sur une piste faisant signe de la main
Congo Nil Trail

On foot or by mountain bike, along Lake Kivu near Kibuye, a formidable tour in the heart of Rwanda's natural beauty. A must for athletes and families!

Vue de maison supsendues sur le lac Kivu, le Cormoran Lodge
The shores of Lake Kibuye

A small enchanting paradise, Kibuye will charm you with its breathtaking beauty. An excellent stopover to rest on the shores of Lake Kivu with only the sound of birds singing...

Dame récoltant le thé dans un champ de thé au Rwanda
Visit in the heart of the tea plantations

Rwanda's second largest export product, tea, is an element of cultural pride. You can visit a production company and walk through the heart of the plantations...

Dame récoltant le thé dans un champ de thé au Rwanda
Parc National des Volcans

Trek des golden Monkey au Parc National des Volcans

Uganda 🇺🇬

Lionne dans un arbre
National Parks

Real gems of nature with diversified ecosystems, the Ugandan national parks (Kibale, Queen Elizabeth,...) allow you to discover a luxuriant nature with a rich and varied fauna. Varied à la carte programmes.

Danseuse de tribu Ik et Karamajong
Ik and Karamajong tribes

Meeting with semi-nomadic tribes and traditional hunting: a timeless universe in communion with nature...

Bateau faisant du rafting

The adrenaline rush for the most sporty rafting descent in the region!